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Set up the terms of your service and make it compliant.
Set up the terms of your service and make it compliant.
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Before launching the service, it is also advisable to specify the terms and conditions you want to include in your service, which your customers must comply with.

For this purpose, you must upload 2 documents to your Sharpei platform:

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Privacy policy

1. Setting up the terms & conditions of your new service:

If you don't have rental-specific terms and conditions, you can download this template from Sharpei. You can edit it to tailor it to the conditions you want to offer your customers. Customers will accept these terms and conditions before processing the order.

Steps for uploading your Terms and Conditions to Sharpei:

  1. Go to Admin Panel

  2. Go to the "Legal" section

  3. In "My terms and conditions" select "Upload Document"

This will reflect in the checkout process every time a client decides to rent or subscribe to a product.

2.(Only for EU Companies) Edit your privacy policy and sign the data processing agreement:

  1. Fill in this Data Protection document and returned it to us signed:

2. Once the terms and conditions have been edited and uploaded, it is important that, before uploading your privacy policy, you include the following paragraph on both your website and Sharpei. This paragraph indicates your clients that you'll allow us to do a risk analysis of them and that we will be sharing data between your company and Sharpei.

  • "In connection with rental or subscription transactions conducted through the website or physical locations of [Your Company's Legal Name], it is agreed that [Your Company] will provide ELAXTIK, INC. ("SHARPEI") with the necessary personal data of its customers. The purpose of this data transfer is solely to fulfill rental contracts, process payments, and maintain the integrity of customer service interactions. SHARPEI, acting as the Data Processor, commits to protecting personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and to use the information strictly within the scope of the described services. SHARPEI acknowledges its responsibility to safeguard the privacy and rights of the data subjects whose information it receives, ensuring that data is handled lawfully, transparently, and for the designated purpose. Both parties affirm their understanding that this data transfer is essential for the smooth execution of rental agreements and consent to this exchange under the stipulated terms of data protection and privacy."

Finally, you need to download and sign the data processing agreement. This is to comply with Data protection laws when doing our risk scoring for you. We would appreciate it if you could send the signed agreement to [email protected], as the law requires.

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