Announcing Your New Rental Service
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Now that you have launched your rental service, it's time for the world to know about it!
Announcing such a disruptive service could bring you a lot of media attention, engagement, and traffic to your website and socials.

We've created some posts for your socials to make your life easier:


Instagram Post A

  • [Image: Image of product] Caption: "Say goodbye to ownership and hello to convenience! Explore the new [Your Company Name] rental service.😎

    With our rental service, you have the freedom to enjoy our products without the long-term commitment of ownership.

    By choosing to rent, you're not only contributing to a more circular and eco-conscious economy, but also leaving a better planet for the future generations.🌍

    Thanks to @gosharpei for making it possible! We would love to hear your opinion in the comments🥰

Instagram Post B

  • [Image: Image of product] Caption: "The wait is over! You can now rent your favorite [Your Company Name] products with ease.

    Join us in embracing the rental revolution. 🌟 #RentNow Thanks @gosharpei"


Tweet A:

  • "🚀 Exciting news alert! [Your Company Name] is diving into the rental world with @GoSharpei. Renting has never been this easy and sustainable. Stay tuned for more updates! #RentalRevolution"

Tweet B:

  • "🌿 Reduce, reuse, rent! [Your Company Name] is committed to sustainability. Discover our new rental service and make a positive impact on the planet. 💫 #EcoFriendlyRentals"


LinkedIn Post A:

  • Today, we are thrilled to share a groundbreaking milestone for our brand and the retail industry at large.

    We've always been dedicated to serving our customers' needs and embracing innovation, and today, we're taking that commitment to a whole new level.

    🔄 Introducing [Retailer Name] Rental Service, powered by @Sharpei!

    Here's what our rental service means for you:
    ✨ Choice: Access our products with ease and without the long term commitment of ownership
    🌱 Sustainability: Make eco-conscious choices by reducing your carbon footprint with every rental.
    💰 Save: Pay only for the time you are going to use our products and then give them back.

    Join us on this exciting journey toward a future. Together, we'll make a difference—one rental at a time. 💚
    #Sustainability #RentalService #Innovation #CircularEconomy #Sharpei

LinkedIn Post B:

  • "Exciting News! We are thrilled to announce our brand-new rental service.

    Now, you can enjoy our products without the commitment of ownership.

    In the ever-evolving world of retail, we've often witnessed customers facing a dilemma – wanting to enjoy our products without the long-term commitment of ownership. And as a retailer deeply committed to providing what our customers desire, we've been on a mission to bridge this gap.

    We've partnered with @Sharpei to help our customers save money, reduce waste, and experience true convenience!

    Join us on this journey to redefine retail and make mindful choices and let's change the future of shopping—one rental at a time. 💚

    #Sustainability #RentalService #Innovation #CircularEconomy #Sharpei

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