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What is a Selling Plan?
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Selling Plans are the different alternatives of circular economy available in Sharpei. With a Selling Plan you'll be able to:

  • Fix and update temporality

  • Fix the prices of the products

You can assign 1 or multiple Selling Plans to one product.

These are the key concepts you need to know in order to understand and configure a Selling Plan:

  • Minimum temporality: Is the period of time for which you want to rent your products. It could be days or months, depending on the type of plan you decide to offer.

  • Minimum temporality billing: How often do you want to charge the client.

  • Period Price (%) Per Temporality: The percentage of profit you want to apply to the price of the product by temporality.

  • Taxes: Taxes. They vary depending on the country or state you're in. For example, in the US it changes depending on the state.

  • Total Buyback Price (%): Only used in buybacks. This represents how much you're willing to pay the customer for a product based on the condition of it.

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