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Where do I find my api_keys?
Where do I find my api_keys?

Where to find the api keys needed to connect sharpei in both the cms and the api.

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Hey again!

At Sharpei we have spent a lot of time opening our API and documenting it so that you can extend our platform as much as you need. We understand not everyone's use-case its exactly the same, so we want to be as flexible as possible allowing you to just cherry-pick whichever features you need from us.

To get your Api Keys you have to navigate to your account at -> click on the configuration symbol -> select the Admin Panel

Once in the admin panel please scroll to the option Install Sharpei

Scroll Down until you get to this area:

Here you will find two API keys:

  • Public API Key: you will be using this key to connect Sharpeis button component in your website, no data will be accessible with this API only enough to render the button component and give the customer the relevant options.

  • Private API Key: This Key will authenticate the API, please make sure you do not share this with anyone as they will have full access on your applications data, including deleting and changing information on Sharpei.

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