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Signing up for Sharpei and starting to rent out your products is very simple.

The process is divided into 2 parts:

1. Registration

2. Onboarding

1. Registration

To begin, simply click on the link to create your Sharpei's account.

In the first part of the registration, we ask for personal information to set up your account. Your full name, email address, a secure password for accessing the platform, and how you found out about us.

In the second part, we request information about your company. The Company Name, the Country where you are based, the Currency you operate with, and your Website.

2. Onboarding

During the onboarding process, you will be asked to provide data related to the rental service you want to implement in your store.

  1. You will need to select the type of rental you want to offer to your customers. To determine which one best suits your needs, we recommend you take a look at this article: Rental Types you can offer with Sharpei.

  2. Once you have selected your rental type/s, you will need to choose the categories and subcategories of the products you are going to rent out.

  3. Now you'll need to select the Sharpei plan that best suits your needs, with three different plans to choose from. Once you've selected the plan you want, you'll have the option to choose between monthly or annual payment.

    It's mandatory to enter a valid payment method to proceed with the process.

  4. After that, congratulations 🥳 you will have finally created your account. Now you have the option to either start integrating Sharpei on your website or explore the platform on your own.

Now, it's time to start offering your customers new ways of accessing your beloved products 💙!

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