What are the different order status?
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Once we receive an order, it must go through different states before activating the contract. This is because the contract time will not start running until the customer receives and begins to enjoy the product.

These would be the different order status:

Pending payment method:The customer is pending to enter a payment method for the rental payment.

Error in payment method: The customer has entered an invalid payment method.

Payment method added: The customer has entered a valid payment method.

Problem in checkout: Platform error on Sharpei's part.

Review order: The customer has placed the order correctly and is awaiting your acceptance or rejection.

Not accepted: You have rejected the order.

Accepted: You have accepted the order, and the payment process will proceed automatically.

Error in payment: It was not possible to process the payment, likely due to insufficient funds in the customer's card.

Fulfillment: You have started preparing the order.

Delivery: The order has left the warehouse.

Delivery complete: The order has been delivered, and the contract is now active.

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